Joint Venture

West Ave Pre Construction

West Ave Pre Construction 150 150 admin

Another Unicorn Under Construction

We found another Unicorn! Woohoo! We love these deals that we can turn into massive wins. The sellers on this property needed to sell to someone who could be flexible as they maneuvered to the other side of the province. Especially buying in a COVID climate, sometimes flexibility is essential when many moving parts can get halted at any moment. We helped these sellers move on and they were so happy they left us a five -star review!! On the project side, the majority of the work upstairs is cosmetic, whereas downstairs we decided to take it back to the studs and start all the way from interior waterproofing. Once completed we will have a fully functioning 3 bedroom upstairs and a 2 bedroom in the basement. Happy investing everyone!  

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Dealing with Unforeseen Issues

Dealing with Unforeseen Issues 150 150 admin

What’s behind the walls

I’m sure many of you would agree that we would like nothing more than for every project to go exactly as planned. Unfortunately in this business we often can’t see whats behind the walls, and what kind of issues we may be faced with.

The signs of a good investor and project manager is not only in how we can foresee plausible issues, but how we deal with those issues when we are faced with them.

Here are a few of the issues we have faced in our latest project!

Happy Real Estate Investing!