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Refresh Renovation

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A fresh start for this home.

On most of our projects we usually do an overhaul full renovation. When this opportunity came up we immediate ran the numbers using our top of the line Property Analyzer Tool and the results just didn’t support it.
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So instead we decided our best course of action is a refresh renovation. We decided what parts of the home need the most TLC and made a plan to refresh the rest. Before we could start any of the home renovations we needed to clear it out and give it a good scrub. This property was bought in an “as is” condition so all the garbage was left behind.

The bones on this home were still in good shape, most rooms needed some drywall patching new flooring, baseboards, some pest removal, and a few coats of fresh paint.

However, the kitchen was one of those spots that needed a little TLC. As any good investor knows, kitchens and bathrooms are what really sell a home. All new cabinetry was put in with beautiful quartz counter tops and this one was ready to wrap up. The entire project was complete in a month and a half and sold within 2 weeks of being on market. The new homeowners will be enjoying their “refreshed home” in no time with a quick closing date. It’s safe to say this project was a huge success. Which doesn’t come by chance, it comes from knowing your market and having the right tools in place to make the most out of your investments.

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Before and After

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A small comparison for a big job!

This project was one of our biggest learning curves when it came to city permits. We had many set backs but are thrilled to finally see the finished and fully permitted project. These before and after photo’s are spectacular you can see how we take the feel of the home into consideration while planning out these projects.

We removed the wall on the main floor and created this large open concept living area. As this project is a buy and hold and we are looking for long term tenants to fill the unit we added as many cost effective desired features as possible.

When we picked up this home the upstairs was made up of mostly bedrooms, but as investors we could see the properties full potential Turning the up stairs and loft space into a 2 +1 Bedroom unit. While doing so we had to put in a fire escape accessible from the second floor, which inspired the additional outdoor deck that the tenants of this unit will be able to enjoy.

We will say that the lessons and experienced gained here have already helped fast track and improve other projects we have on the go.

Landscaping and septic tank

Landscaping and septic tank 150 150 admin

Landscaping and septic tank

This project has had a lot of first for us. One of them being adding a septic tank large enough to support the added needs of the increased water needs. Where the tank needs to be placed we had a tone of tree many of them being dead ones, over grown bushes and weeds galore.

The machine our guys were using eats branches for breakfast.

Adding some character

Adding some character 150 150 admin

Adding some character

Any type of vaulted ceilings are already eye catching, but for this project we decided to take it up a notch. So here it is what we have been waiting for. It took one weekend and a bunch of sweat, some blood here and there and a compilation of carefully articulated 4 letter words and voila… we have some decorative beams. I’m Actually quite happy with the final product. Can’t wait to see them hung!

Finally some room definition

Finally some room definition 150 150 admin

Finally some room definition

Dry wall has started to go up and you can really start to see the definition of the rooms. These photo’s really don’t do it justice.

Pre-renovation Photo’s

Pre-renovation Photo’s 150 150 admin

Pre-renovation Photo’s

East 26th St, Hamilton

This property closed late last week and we can not wait to get started. As you can see we have a lot of cosmetic updating to do, but over all this property is in better shape then the ones we usually dive into.

Dealing with Unforeseen Issues

Dealing with Unforeseen Issues 150 150 admin

What’s behind the walls

I’m sure many of you would agree that we would like nothing more than for every project to go exactly as planned. Unfortunately in this business we often can’t see whats behind the walls, and what kind of issues we may be faced with.

The signs of a good investor and project manager is not only in how we can foresee plausible issues, but how we deal with those issues when we are faced with them.

Here are a few of the issues we have faced in our latest project!

Happy Real Estate Investing!