Kelson Avenue South, Grimsby

Go Big or Go Home!

This semi secluded all brick bungalow located on a large lot, this one will be our largest renovation to date! We’re going up with a second story and providing a massive open concept main living space with a vaulted ceiling in the family/living area. You know what they say Go Big or Go Home!

Landscaping and septic tank 150 150 admin

Landscaping and septic tank

Landscaping and septic tank This project has had a lot of first for us. One of them being adding a septic tank large enough to support the added needs of the increased water needs. Where the tank needs to be placed we had a tone of tree many of them being dead ones, over grown…

Adding some character 150 150 admin

Adding some character

Adding some character Any type of vaulted ceilings are already eye catching, but for this project we decided to take it up a notch. So here it is what we have been waiting for. It took one weekend and a bunch of sweat, some blood here and there and a compilation of carefully articulated 4…

Finally some room definition 150 150 admin

Finally some room definition

Finally some room definition Dry wall has started to go up and you can really start to see the definition of the rooms. These photo’s really don’t do it justice.

Framing under way 150 150 admin

Framing under way

Framing under way The framing has officially started on this project and you can start to see the overall change in the structure. Starting with the vaulted ceilings over the original structure and then moving on to the addition.

Demolition Day 150 150 admin

Demolition Day

Demolition Day Before we build we have to take down a lot of the original structure. This is the first time have approached a project this large, so it was very interesting to watch as it all came down. Have you ever wondered what a house with no roof looks like? Really the sky’s the…

Kelson Ave South 150 150 admin

Kelson Ave South

Pre-renovation Photo’s Not many photo’s for this one.. because it’s all coming down!