The Manor

We are taking on our FIRST Apartment building! This 8 Unit building doesn’t look like much now but just wait till we finish with it.

We’ve been busy 150 150 admin

We’ve been busy

We’ve been busy This apartment building investment has been going extremely well. If you didn’t know, this is the biggest project we’ve ever taken on to this day. We’ve learned a lot and are excited to share some updates with you. With this investment, we decided to implement the BRRRR strategy. If you’re unaware of…

The Manor At First Glance 150 150 admin

The Manor At First Glance

Pre Renovation Photos

Underground Revelations 150 150 admin

Underground Revelations

One of the common things you hear in this business is that we often can’t see whats behind the walls. In this case, it’s beneath the ground.