East 26th Street, Hamilton

This 80 year old 1100 sqft ,3 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom Bungalow on the east mountain is about to get a much needed makeover. The Goal is to convert it into a duplex 3B/1Ba upstairs, 1B/1Ba Downstairs. This will not be a small task but we already have a right team in place to take this one on!

The End Result Is A Unicorn 150 150 admin

The End Result Is A Unicorn

A final review of the East 26th project What a cool project that is now just humming along. We get a lot of gratification from being able to convert properties that are in need of a facelift into something viable that people can call home. This is one of those projects! We had some really…

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Doing things right.

Protecting your Investment. It’s fair to say that protecting your investments are high priority to any investor. When it comes to real estate investment, protection can take many forms, of course a main one being insurance for the property. Most property will have one policy during construction, and another for when the property is complete…

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Pre-renovation Photo’s 150 150 admin

Pre-renovation Photo’s

Pre-renovation Photo’s East 26th St, Hamilton This property closed late last week and we can not wait to get started. As you can see we have a lot of cosmetic updating to do, but over all this property is in better shape then the ones we usually dive into. I

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