Progress Photos!!

Progress Photos!! 150 150 admin

Last look before reveal.

Layout is set, spray foam installation is in, new siding is in progress! Next up is drywall and finishes. This is the last you will see of this project till the big reveal!!

Taking it back to the Studs

Taking it back to the Studs 150 150 admin

5 Reasons to Replace Drywall Even When In Repairable Condition.

When it comes to Investment Real Estate, choosing where to save money and where to spend it can be difficult for some people. You want to make sure your budget is going to last while not compromising the overall quality of the project. It is a common misconception that saving the existing drywall will save you time and money. Over our time working in these older homes we learned quickly that this is not the case. This video will show you the 5 top Reasons why you should always take it back to the studs

Pre-Purchase Photos

Pre-Purchase Photos 150 150 admin

Jam-packed to the leaking roof.

As like most of our project you have to see things through an investors eye. While this project may look like an unruly mess, we can see a stunning commercial store front and potential for Two residential rental units. Besides the amount of stuff jam-packed into this home, the second floor roof is the biggest concern at first glance, the roof had to be leaking for years for this kind of damage. Step one is to get everything out, Step two rip it back to the studs to assess the situation, come up with a solution, to not only repair but to prevent this from happening again. We can only hope that the amount of stuff pack in here took the majority of the hit and was able to save the joists from any serious damage.