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Episode 13

Episode 13 150 150 admin

GHAIN Edition: Investing in Apartment buildings

Investing in Apartment Buildings with Mark Baltazar

With 18 years of experience in business building and corporate consulting on the global stage, Mark brings a wealth of business management and operational expertise to real estate investing. Winner of the Real Estate Investment Network’s Top Player Award in 2017, Mark continues to build strong momentum in growing his real estate portfolio.

His strong analytical background enables him to bring a strategic rigor to portfolio expansion and the assessment of investment opportunities.

With 5 years of real estate investing experience across various strategies, Mark oversees Peak’s capital raising, client acquisition, partner relations, educational content development while ensuring the company delivers on it promise of helping others build generational wealth through apartment building investing.

With 22 doors in his buy & hold portfolio and over 20 flips successfully completed over the last 4 years with $5M worth of redevelopment projects currently underway in key Ontario growth markets, Mark currently leads a team of professionals in the acquisition of multi-family commercial properties to fuel long-term wealth, while continuing to operate a buy-fix-sell (flip) division that generates active income.

In addition to helping others build their real estate portfolio, Mark’s family life fuels his ‘why’ – he is a husband and father of 3 very active young boys.

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Underground Revelations

Underground Revelations 150 150 admin

One of the common things you hear in this business is that we often can’t see whats behind the walls. In this case, it’s beneath the ground.

Taking it back to the Studs

Taking it back to the Studs 150 150 admin

5 Reasons to Replace Drywall Even When In Repairable Condition.

When it comes to Investment Real Estate, choosing where to save money and where to spend it can be difficult for some people. You want to make sure your budget is going to last while not compromising the overall quality of the project. It is a common misconception that saving the existing drywall will save you time and money. Over our time working in these older homes we learned quickly that this is not the case. This video will show you the 5 top Reasons why you should always take it back to the studs

Running your numbers

Running your numbers 150 150 admin

Determining Our MAO

Hey There Investors!! Moving on with our challenge of finding an off market deal and having it funded, 6 videos in and we are already on a good pace for the first step, finding the deal!! First however, we need to do our due diligence and make sure that we run our numbers properly. In this video we will work towards calculating our MAO (maximum Allowable Offer). Our formula is simple: MAO= (ARV x 70%) – construction costs Now yes, the formula is easy, but the tricky part is determining our variables (ARV and our construction costs). Those two aren’t always as straightforward as it seems. Check out the video on some tips and processes that we use to make sure that we are being as accurate as possible! Happy Investing! For more Information check us out at

The First Challenge

The First Challenge 150 150 admin

Finding Properties

We are here with some more Canadian real estate investing content on how to prospect for homes! In this video we are showcasing how we went about creating a simple door knocking campaign. We will walk you through some simple scripts and some realities of what you might expect. And you’ll see us actually knocking on some doors! Door knocking can be really great way to prospect certain areas and promote yourself. And all for really cheap!! Check us out and let us know what you think.

For more info check out:

***DOOR KNOCKING RULES IN ONTARIO*** Below is a link on what is allowable and what is not when doing door-to-door sales. As of time of recording there are no issues doing what we do however I would always advise everyone to follow the rules of your local jurisdictions and see what you can and can’t do!…

Happy Investing Friends!

First Impressions

First Impressions 150 150 admin

Property walk through.

Hey All! We’re back at it with another video. This one is walkthrough of a property that we set an appointment for, and it truly highlights the word “distressed” and puts it into a whole new context. For this video we weren’t able to showcase the conversation with the seller directly due to her not being comfortable, but she allowed us to film our walkthrough no problem. Now just as a side note. Not all properties look this bad! The circumstances vary from property to property. But in all of my real estate years I don’t think I’ve ever walked through a property that smelled this bad. Dog and Cat poop all over the floor, and smeared on the walls, wet and moldy drywall all over the place, leaks happening from all sides of the house including the roof, and that’s just the first few steps into the house. …Perfect for what we are looking for 🙂

Dealing with Unforeseen Issues

Dealing with Unforeseen Issues 150 150 admin

What’s behind the walls

I’m sure many of you would agree that we would like nothing more than for every project to go exactly as planned. Unfortunately in this business we often can’t see whats behind the walls, and what kind of issues we may be faced with.

The signs of a good investor and project manager is not only in how we can foresee plausible issues, but how we deal with those issues when we are faced with them.

Here are a few of the issues we have faced in our latest project!

Happy Real Estate Investing!

Cleansing a home for a fresh start

Cleansing a home for a fresh start 150 150 admin

When things seem to be going wrong after every turn, we seek out alternate methods to get this project off the ground. Daniela Biagi Joins us in cleansing all the negative energy from this home for a fresh start!