East 25th

Before And After

Before And After 150 150 admin

To say this house has been a journey is putting it lightly. Buying a house like this is always a challenge but this one, in particular, came with a curse that required some literal spiritual cleansing (thanks Daniela!). Perseverance and patience is part of the game and, with plenty of both, we’ve come to a final product that we couldn’t be more proud of.

Finally some progress

Finally some progress 150 150 admin

Finally Some Progress

After Cleaning the home things are starting to turn around on this one! We know it may not look like much but this project is making some progress. As you can see we have the framing complete and are ready to start putting this future duplex back together . This is where property redevelopment starts to get fun!

Old houses are known to come with some issues.

Old houses are known to come with some issues. 150 150 admin

After a visit from the Ministry of labor we were required to provide a DSR report for this property to asses the safety of the property. Our report came back with some concerning results finding traces of asbestos, mold, and lead. We had to take action quickly to correct these issues so our guys could get back to work in a safe environment. Now as you can imagine this was not an easy or cheap task. First we needed to find someone who could do the remediation properly and to ministry standard. Once we found someone who was qualified, and was within a reasonable budget, the remediation process itself only took about a week to complete before we could get back to work. Putting us back almost a month on this property, for those of you who don’t know a month in the real estate investment industry can be detrimental to your over all return on investment.

Cleansing a home for a fresh start

Cleansing a home for a fresh start 150 150 admin

When things seem to be going wrong after every turn, we seek out alternate methods to get this project off the ground. Daniela Biagi Joins us in cleansing all the negative energy from this home for a fresh start!

What investment opportunities look like. Pre-renovation Photo’s

What investment opportunities look like. Pre-renovation Photo’s 150 150 admin

Pre-renovation Photo’s

We really aren’t exaggerating on this on. The mountain of junk in the basement is very close to reaching ceiling height, and the rest of the home is not only out dated but filthy and falling apart. We can not wait to clean house on this one and have some fresh air flow through!