Central Hamilton

Progress Update

Progress Update 150 150 admin

We’ve been making great progress on our Central Hamilton property and we’re excited to update you on the renovations made to this two-and-a-half-storey home!

This property had its fair share of required fixes and needed some major updating before it would be safe for the next family to live in. The two pictures below were taken before we fixed the place up… definitely needed some TLC here.

Often, the majority of our construction budget is spent behind the walls; the important items that aren’t as obvious to the naked eye. With this property, we needed to update both the existing electrical by replacing an old fuse panel and upgrading the existing lead water line to copper. These aren’t ‘wow’ items by any means but they are incredibly important to future buyers and the overall safety of the home!

Hands down, the most significant aspect of the renovation has been converting the attic into an entire third floor! We’ve taken what was an underutilized space and transformed it into a massive and lofty primary suite. HUGE bonus to our future buyers!

As we near our targeted completion date we can’t wait to show you all the after photos of this project! Along with some much needed curb appeal, the repairs we’ve done have transformed this property into a stunning home ready for it’s next family to live in!