Mars Ave N,

This little gem is probably the nicest As-Is property we have ever purchased. Outdated and old and stinks like smoke, but fairly well kept and well maintained. It’s not often that we pick up properties that only really need a cosmetic touch to them. Usually, we are ripping the place apart from head to toe. The sellers of this property tried to sell the house 2 other times prior and both times the property fell through for one reason or another. When they eventually called me we closed hassle-free which you could tell was such a huge relief for their whole family.
Imagine packing and unpacking multiple times… stressful.
Our plan is to keep the property in the same configuration that it is. The basement ceiling height is a bit lower, but it still meets what’s required and already has a separate walkout. Here we will focus on opening up the windows in the basement to provide some more natural light and it will change the whole space. The upstairs needs a new bathroom for sure, but otherwise is in great shape, just some paint and a new kitchen. stay tuned for the updates!

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Mars Ave Pre Construction Photos

Mars Ave Pre Construction Photos Here we go again, jumping right into our next project. This 2-1/2 Storey Property with…

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