Tate Ave, Hamilton

This 400 Sqft single detached bungalow currently has 1 Bedrooms and 1 Bath , our goal is to turn it into 800 Sqft
2 Bed 1 Bath Stunner! Follow this project and see the progress and transformation that is taking place.

A big GLOW UP for a small property. 150 150 admin

A big GLOW UP for a small property.

That’s a wrap on Tate Ave This project was a quick turn over, which is ideal when it comes to investment real estate. While we tend to lean towards the buy and hold side of investment real estate this property checked all the boxes for a great flip! What started out as a 400 sq…

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Doubling the Square footage 150 150 admin

Doubling the Square footage

Progress on Tate Ave There wasn’t much to this bungalow when we first got it, and it didn’t take long for our contractors to double the square footage. As expected we ran into some small set backs along the way, we found that the support beams holding up the entire house were completely rotted! It’s…

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Pre-renovation Photo’s 150 150 admin

Pre-renovation Photo’s

Pre-renovation Photo’s Not much to this 400 Sq foot property, but it is clean and seems to be in good structural shape. Our focus on this property will be building the bump out to double the square footage, and get that washing machine out of the kitchen!

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