Our next project on the Hamilton Mountain is off to a great start! The original homeowners wanted to move on from this project but loved the idea that they could have their cake and eat it too! So they became our joint venture partners on the deal. This will not only allow them to get what they had originally wanted for the deal in the first place but this way they continue to profit from it for years and years to come alongside of us. What a win-win! This property is perfectly laid out for a simple 2 unit conversion. High ceilings in the basement and the main floor and half-story above are already in great shape with minimal to-do. We did find some galvanized water supply and SAN piping in the basement which will be completely replaced with new PEX and ABS. Some of these mountain properties are perfectly laid out to maximize their income-generating potential and create great spaces for people to live in an amazing legacy for everyone involved. Stay tuned for more updates

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New Hamilton Mountain Project Sneak Peek

New Hamilton Mountain Project Sneak Peek This project is now underway! This property proves that real estate solutions are never cookie-cutter. It is our goal to find the right solution for each of our clients.

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