Prospect Street Fourplex

Prospect Street Fourplex

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As mentioned in our previous blog, we bought this triplex off-market through our professional network. This is a big project due to the sheer size of the property and the individual units that we have to work through. Slowly but steadily we are getting the work done. The building on its own is in great condition, which is a huge plus.

When we initially started the demo we could only begin with two out of the four units that were vacant. The layout of these units are spacious and with our special touch we are beautifying it to its maximum potential. We have successfully paved the backyard for parking and it can now easily accommodate three cars with an additional parking spot in front of the house. We are on the way to convert a 2-bedroom unit into a potential 3-bedroom unit because of its spacious layout.

We’re updating each unit with new kitchens, paint, flooring, bathroom and lighting. By adding a meter to the existing three meters that the unit came with initially, we plan to segregate hydro in order to maximize this property’s full income potential. 

With Kaely’s expertise, we are confident that the new property layout design successfully highlights the property’s character and revives all the factors that make this property a worthwhile investment.

We are looking forward to sharing the ongoing progress with you! 

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