If only walls could talk…

If only walls could talk… 150 150 Osman Ali

This project has been going great so far! We’ve been so excited to share the progress, so let’s get right into it! The property has just passed its fire stopping inspection, and we are currently working on completing the fire insulation!

We’re planning on turning this property into three separate units! By implementing this strategy, we’ll be able to maximize our ROI on this investment, and we’ll be able to house a couple of extra tenants.

As you know, this property has also been nicknamed “The Wallpaper Museum” because the walls looked like the perfect setting for horror movies. We’ve torn down those haunting walls, and are ready to put some new ones in! Right now, we just have to prep the walls so that they are ready to be drywalled. 

The ceiling is in terrible condition and needs a lot of work. If you think the picture makes it look pretty bad, imagine seeing it in person. A quick drywall can keep our budget healthy, and the structure safe.  

The staircase also needs some work. In order to make this place feel like home, we simply need to bring it back to life. Excited to show you what we do with this area on our next update. 

And, if you’ve been keeping up with our content, then you’d know that this property is the one that we’ve underpinned! If you don’t know, underpinning is when you dig deeper down into the basement in order to raise the ceiling, which would increase the height of the basement. 

Let me tell you, underpinning the basement of this property was an amazing decision. It’s made a huge difference, as the basement is now legally its own separate unit!

Stay tuned for more updates on this project, we can’t wait to show you our progress.