Flipper’s Dream

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Flipper’s Dream

A new life for this home.








When we acquired this property, it was kind of like a bonus. This single-family home, purchased in as-is condition, came with the building that we served the lot, so this was a 2-in-1 deal. When we first walked into the house, we knew right away that this property has potential for a superb ROI and can be renovated easily – all it needed was some reviving. 







The home was not in the greatest shape, as you can tell by the basement’s structure. Other than that, most of the rooms needed a fresh paint job, new flooring and some drywalling. 







Nonetheless, this project needed some hard work and effort to get done. The majority of the property just needed some light renovations, however, the living room was quite the hassle. We had to install some new floors and walls to bring it back to life and paint the new walls to give it some new beauty. 





This project has been quite the experience, and has tested our finishing abilities. Overall, this was an excellent investment opportunity as we gave a single-family-home the new life that it deserves.