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Rats, Raccoons, and Garbage
Oh My!

We purchased this home site unseen, we expected undertaking a massive renovation and we knew we would have to address some structural issues. What we didn’t expect was not being able to make it into the home. So first things first we gotta make our way into the building.

We had an abatement team suit up and get to clearing out the home. It took an entire day to clear out the front hallway and front living space, and we could finally see the extent of the damage all this garbage has done. It is very important when clearing hoarder homes that extreme caution is taken on where how and what you are disposing of. Which in this case included evicting multiple families of rats, two fisty raccoons, 28 Dumpster bins of garbage and over 282.19 Pounds of human feces stored in black dog waste bags. Yes, you read that right, feel free to read it again and let the shock set in.

Almost 2 weeks later we were finally able to freely walk through the home and can finally see the full potential in this rehab.  Take a look at some of the Pre- Renovation (Post clean up) photos, not much was salvageable but we will have to do with what we got.