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Update on the Pleasant Surprise.

Pleasant surprises on a rehab property are such a rarity that even as I write this I am incredibly hesitant to do so for fear of jinxing it. *knock on wood*. As much as we do our best to carefully inspect properties to anticipate the repairs we will have to take on, we almost always run into issues that we couldn’t predict, hence the need for a solid contingency plan and a strong ability to manage hurdles. 

In this property, which we have named “The Pleasant Surprise House” we’ve run into a few obstacles that have been major wins! To start off, we had anticipated knob and tube when we did our preliminary electrical testing during our due diligence phase. A number of the outlets on the second floor were found to be ungrounded. Once we got into it however, we noticed that the fix was much easier than we anticipated and could be rectified in only a few short hours! It’s funny and frustrating how the previous people who did the work tried to hide it. Electrical is not something one should be doing botch work on. Our next major win was when we took up the old carpet and front hall linoleum. Underneath both of these was the original hardwood flooring in almost perfect condition! The flooring style has the intricate detailing which is such an amazing feature that we will for sure be incorporating into our final design. Last but not least was the kitchen layout. We are going for an open concept look and when we opened up the wall, it turns out that the jut-out we had thought was meant for ductwork was actually an exposed brick chimney. BOOYA! 

It’s the little things that add up over time and, of course, it’s all for nothing if the place doesn’t sell for the right price. So hopefully even in the final sale price department this property can keep its name as “The Pleasant Surprise House” 😉 

Stay tuned for more updates!