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GHAIN Edition: Investing in Apartment buildings

Investing in Apartment Buildings with Mark Baltazar

With 18 years of experience in business building and corporate consulting on the global stage, Mark brings a wealth of business management and operational expertise to real estate investing. Winner of the Real Estate Investment Network’s Top Player Award in 2017, Mark continues to build strong momentum in growing his real estate portfolio.

His strong analytical background enables him to bring a strategic rigor to portfolio expansion and the assessment of investment opportunities.

With 5 years of real estate investing experience across various strategies, Mark oversees Peak’s capital raising, client acquisition, partner relations, educational content development while ensuring the company delivers on it promise of helping others build generational wealth through apartment building investing.

With 22 doors in his buy & hold portfolio and over 20 flips successfully completed over the last 4 years with $5M worth of redevelopment projects currently underway in key Ontario growth markets, Mark currently leads a team of professionals in the acquisition of multi-family commercial properties to fuel long-term wealth, while continuing to operate a buy-fix-sell (flip) division that generates active income.

In addition to helping others build their real estate portfolio, Mark’s family life fuels his ‘why’ – he is a husband and father of 3 very active young boys.

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