Refresh Renovation

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A fresh start for this home.

On most of our projects we usually do an overhaul full renovation. When this opportunity came up we immediate ran the numbers using our top of the line Property Analyzer Tool and the results just didn’t support it.
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So instead we decided our best course of action is a refresh renovation. We decided what parts of the home need the most TLC and made a plan to refresh the rest. Before we could start any of the home renovations we needed to clear it out and give it a good scrub. This property was bought in an “as is” condition so all the garbage was left behind.

The bones on this home were still in good shape, most rooms needed some drywall patching new flooring, baseboards, some pest removal, and a few coats of fresh paint.

However, the kitchen was one of those spots that needed a little TLC. As any good investor knows, kitchens and bathrooms are what really sell a home. All new cabinetry was put in with beautiful quartz counter tops and this one was ready to wrap up. The entire project was complete in a month and a half and sold within 2 weeks of being on market. The new homeowners will be enjoying their “refreshed home” in no time with a quick closing date. It’s safe to say this project was a huge success. Which doesn’t come by chance, it comes from knowing your market and having the right tools in place to make the most out of your investments.

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