BUYERS see a disgusting mess INVESTORS see the true potential.

BUYERS see a disgusting mess INVESTORS see the true potential. 150 150 admin

Hillyard St, Hamilton Pre- Renovation Photo’s

Those aren’t trees in front of this property, the weeds have gone rouge, reaching as tall as the eave troughs and in the back yard some are nearing the second floor windows. You can’t even step 2 feet into the back yard as the grass, weeds and shrubs have over taken the lot.

Heading on inside, You can see that we will need a little more then just TLC on this one. The dirt and grim build up is something we are use to, clutter and junk don’t even phase us, it’s the literal garbage taking up most of the bedrooms and living spaces that have us scratching our heads. Pizza boxes, fast food containers, what looks like scatters bags of chips, and layers of pop cans just lining the floors.

The bathroom is quite shocking with the build up of ashes in the sink, the layers of dirt surrounding the tub and covering the toilet. What you can’t see is the empty coke cans that are starting to fill up the bath tub.

Now that the shock of the mess is dwindling, lets look back at the pictures from an investors perspective. The front of the home has two very convenient parking spots right out front of the home, once the weeds have been removed the amount of regular maintenance to the front is very minimal. Even tho you can’t actually see anything in the back yard right now there is a large lot behind the home which will be a great selling feature when it comes time to list. Inside has a functional layout with fair size rooms. The bathroom is a on the larger size which is a bonus seeing as it is the only one. There is lots of space in the basement for storage and the ceiling height makes it very functional for laundry as well. Over all the ROI on this property is proving to be quite promising, due to the current state of home we were able to purchase this home well below market value. We can not wait to get in there and start overhauling this mess, this property is the kind of investment opportunity real estate investors dream of!